Zoom 29 Hacks IG & YT Never Taught Me
Zoom 29 Hacks IG & YT Never Taught Me

29 Hacks IG & YT Never Taught Me


After being in business for three years and garnering independent success, VaVa quickly learned that the Instagram Girl Boss life was all a lie. And that, it would take hard work, grit, and more than IG filters to build a profitable business. 

Frestarted with the lackluster and fluff business information available on the internet, she created a quick guide to help first-time entrepreneurs have a successful first year in business.

In this informative and witty business ebook, you'll learn how to lay a solid foundation for your start-up business. Throughout the book are marketing tips to help you launch your business in 3 - 6 months. As well as testimonials and anecdotes from VaVa's early entrepreneurial days.

Now VaVa is the creative director and founder of NOUNOU, a clothing rental service and womenswear label for millennial women. She strives to teach budding entrepreneurs what it really takes to build a successful business.

Join her book club by texting NOUWMN to 917-451-5493. 

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