The Story of the NOUWOMAN

She is inspired by world travels and the strength of her foremothers. Her confidence guides her  and feminine prowess clears every room she enters. Her touch is as soft as fine silks and her love as captivating as rare gemstones. She is adored by many, yet humble to all.


Love thy self. Love thy sister. Love the earth. As an indie luxury brand, we strive to be intentional with every stitch and design in order to minimize harmful impacts to the environment and humanity. We work with local independent garment workers and seamstresses to construct your beautiful garments, and empower our local small businesses. Our products are made with integrity and price reasonably in order to avoid cutting corners on fair labor, quality control, and waste.


It’s more than just the clothes, for us. It’s about our why. We are driven by fashion’s ability to tell stories, raise awareness, and bring people together. Our mission is grounded in social responsibility to maternal care, disenfranchised communities, and nations affected by climate disasters. Each year we commit to raise funds, through commerce, to support initiatives dedicated to positively impacting one of our social responsibility tenets.